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Heavy-ion Physics
Research Group


We are the Heavy-ion Research Group in the Theory Department of the Wigner Research Centre for Physics (part of the Hungarian Research Network) in Budapest, Hungary.

High-energy heavy ion physics involves many branches of physics, so research in this field covers a very broad range of topics. The research directions include the most fundamental concepts of classical and modern thermodynamics, hydrodynamics and quantum theory, as well as perturbative and non-perturbative quantum field dynamics, high-energy nuclear physics, hadronization and hadron phenomenology. Our results contribute to the interpretation of measurements from the largest international experiments (e.g. CERN-LHC, BNL-RHIC), to the prediction of phenomena expected at the planned new facilities (GSI-FAIR, Dubna-NICA), and to the understanding of the processes of the early universe and the internal structure of compact stars.

    Research Activities

    Properties of Hadrons at low energies

    Heavy-ion physics in the ALICE experiment

    Properties of compact stars

    The phase diagram of QCD

    New approaches in thermodynamics

    perturbative and non-perturbative QCD


Gergely Gábor Barnaföldi

Group Leader

senior research fellow

Péter Ván


scientific advisor

György Wolf

Department Leader

scientific advisor

Gábor Balassa

on leave

Gábor Bíró

research fellow

Bence Dudás

junior research fellow

Edit Fenyvesi

research fellow

Vahtang Gogoija


Anna Horváth

junior research fellow

Győző Kovács

junior research fellow

Péter Kovács

senior research fellow

Sergei Maydanyuk

research fellow

Balázs Pál

junior research fellow

Máté Pszota

junior research fellow

Balázs Endre Szigeti

junior research fellow

Mátyás Egon Szűcs

research fellow

János Takátsy

junior research fellow